Golf Club Sitter



Our Golf Club Support Tool

Thank you for your interest in the "Club Caddie". You have made a great choice in considering this product.
Every time you play a round of golf, you will be supported by one of golf's most needed tools. Golfers entrust it with the most important things in their golf bags - their clubs. They rely on it to uncover the essence of their overall game. Of course, they deserve that confidence because of their interest in this game, as well as their perseverance.
At "Club Caddie", we understand and are constantly innovating to provide golfers with the best the industry has to offer. Our creation leaves you free to concentrate on the shots at hand.
By using the "Club Caddie", you give true expression to your talent, and every time you record a score, or are assured of your clubs being accounted for; without damage & moisture, without having to constantly bend and retrieve clubs from the ground - we have the satisfaction of knowing we share a little of your enjoyment too.